Dear friend:  

Happy!  This is the first and fittest word to describe this first step towards the people outside of Greece, towards you, with this letter in my poor English but with the humble added benefit of my interesting experience.  Who am I?  That's a good question.  I was born in Iraklion, on the island of Crete in Greece.  As a child I was influenced by the Cathedral of Saint Minas and the jewelry shop of my father (the watches, the gold, etc.).

Eros and Death are the Scylla and Charybdis I have been defying ever since.
God and the Cosmos are the other two fundamental tasks.  I have tried until today to understand the relationship between them: to translate them into song, ideas, articles, theories, straightforward questions and so on.  I was born on 28 September 1945, some weeks after Hiroshima.

I have, since then, understood a lot of things, phenomena, miracles, negativities, etc.  The only thing I did not want to understand and accept is the atomic bomb.

One can easily obtain an atomic bomb in our days.  Many believe that the more atomic bombs, the better for peace.  I disagree.

The day of Hiroshima, the blood-circle closed after thousands of years.  The danger of the total catastrophe of the planet was now present.  But what comes next?  I can't say.  I am searching to find out.  Let's say I am a seeker of Truth.  Also I am a Greek professional songwriter.  And out of this complicated and complete experience - at this very moment - desiring to communicate with any intelligent sensitive person on the planet, I make use of this website, I make use of technology, because the general situation on our beloved Earth is "condition red" for the first time in the history of mankind.  Can it be saved?  Can we save it?  Or must we be saved first?

Is it worth worthwhile and reasonable to make an effort or is it useless?

Is the Cosmos really in danger or is it saved from the beginning (if there ever was such a thing)?

Osho says: "Existence knows and that conscience is the greatest miracle."

So what?

If the planet has decided to commit suicide, what can we do?

The ancient Greeks used to say: "
Συν Αθηνα και χειρα κινει."  Which in plain English means: "Move your ass; do something beyond what Nature's doing."

Do what and how?

The religions say: so it was written, so it was to be done.  And within all of them there still remains the question: "To be or not to be?"

I have been writing songs, books, articles, and proposals since I was fourteen.
 As a singer, I see thousands of people dance in front of me and I enjoy it.  But what can we achieve by dancing and only that?  In Brazil they are also dancing and at the same the rain forest is being destroyed. 

What's going on?  What should be done?

Somewhere there must be an antidote.

Somewhere there must be an antidote.

Let's try to find it.  Let's review everything.  Everything.  Is this world the reflection of the other, the real, the divine world as Plato says?
Is this world the only real world as Marx says?

Or is all this a divine joke?

They say, Nature sends her son, the perfect Circle, from time to time to give life to all these schemes, shadows and meaning to the reflections.
Perhaps nothing is useless in the Universe.

Perhaps nothingness is the Mother of all these.
We can sense there is a challenge all around.

And if we take it upon ourselves to give an answer to John Lennon's question: "I have a solution, do you have a problem?", but to answer with humor, we could succeed in achieving something.

So, I take a step, through this site, towards every single person, in my particular brand of English, like writing a letter to a friend.  Nothing to be afraid of, nothing to lose.  Anyway, we are at "condition red".

Let it be, then, or don't let it be.  That's the way God speaks and manifests himself if he really exists.  And we can ask God: Do you want to save the planet and establish a new order between things and miracles?  If Earth for you is a mere detail, for us it is everything.  Let's compromise.

Waiting for an answer, we can make clear that every person who contemplates or attempts blowing up the planet in its own name must be sentenced to loving the planet.  His logic belongs to the past.  Let's throw it away with the atomic bombs.

We love the whole of human history.

But we must express and serve what is new.  In every time and in every situation the new is there, hidden but present.

Can we find ten points on which we can agree?  That every man breathes or has the right to breathe, to drink water, to have a house, to love or to be loved etc.

Can we humanize humanity again?

We have to compare things with the best.  Not the worst.  The worst also exists.  It is almost our very existence.  It is a matter of will and decision where to go.

West and East, North and South.  Riches and poverty, overpopulation and overproduction, quantity and quality, simple people and the gifted, the ninety-nine degrees and the hundredth degree.  The circle.

We live in squares.  We have to remember the circle again, before we find that we have vanished into virtual reality, deeply in the mirror.

We can't go back.  We can't step into the same river twice.  But the circle means the ONE of the world.  From the cannibal to Jesus.  The cannibal is the first degree; Jesus is the hundredth.  We are between the two of them.  In the laboratory of the Universe we have a role to play.  We play between logic and mystery.

And what's new?  How do we feel it?

I know from song writing.  To express what is new you don't throw away the past, tradition.  Tradition tells you what and how.  Nothing can be lost.  The fear of death is an illusion.

What is new here is that the planet is in danger from Nature and human activities, such as "el Niño", the greenhouse effect, etc.  This is a fact.  This is also a dialectical element, the one pole.  The other is the opposite.  Out of this situation can planet and humans, and life generally, emerge safe and renewed, as it has happened various times in the past?  The present is the most important.  Tradition would show the way, the idea.  Let's listen carefully.

Existence knows.  We know but we don't remember.  Amnesia is the characteristic of quantity.  The cosmic consciousness is there, everywhere.  And this is not a verbalism.  Not a part of hoping.  It's truth as I feel it.
I felt it completely standing in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza on 22 September 2001.  A letter is not enough to express what I felt.
But our communication and contact are only beginning.
I know we don't have plenty of time anymore but miracles are also involved.

Let it be.


Sincerely yours,

Emmanuel Rassoulis Deva Parinito


In any case, I wish you all the best for the New Year.



When Osho was arrested in Aghios Nikolaos, Crete on March 6 1986, I was there.  And obviously, since I was Cretan and thought quite highly of myself, I was insulted beyond all measure!  In the land of Xenios Zeus!  In the land of Kazantzakis!  In my land!  The idea of holy revenge flooded my very being.  All those responsible had to pay for this.  For Crete and for the world.  Osho, however, in his own way told me: "They must be forgiven but not forgotten because they will do it again.  Face them with love and understanding."  I remember it as if it were now.  He stood before me for some time looking at me.  I was sitting on a step in the yard of the beautiful house of the Greek filmmaker Nikos Koundouros with two musician acquaintances of mine playing Greek songs.  Indeed, he danced to one of mine, which since then has become my favourite.

He looked at me with those incredible eyes of his with an expression of boundless love while making the Namastè greeting.  I could not endure that wonderful look and lowered my eyes.

At a loss for words, I said: "Yes, I will forgive them."  But I did not believe it.

Since then things have occurred which even the best scriptwriters of Hollywood could not imagine.

And I am writing this intentionally to state that the American establishment does not have the dialectical relationship of things and miracles in its back pocket.  It also is a part of becoming. And the advocates and propagandists of the American model wrongly identify what is good for mankind with what is good for the USA.

I comprehend their passion and desperation but there are such dimensions and reversals that even the wisest of the wise of antiquity was compelled to say: "One thing I know: that I know nothing."  On March 6 1986 I was transformed into a Burning Bush.  I burned my fingers on the responsibility.  And when, four years later, Osho left his body - a month earlier I had been in Puna and we had exchanged books and autographs - I descended literally to the anus of the abyss and rose after some time.  Down there it was as though I experienced Groundhog Day, as though time had frozen along with my blood.  Et maintenant, que veux je faire?  An immeasurable ideological vacuum was spread over the "hapless" human race.  As if the antidote had disappeared and all that remained was the poison.

And yet I was recalling and processing in a mysterious way all that I had heard him speak about and dwell on.  However, I focused particularly on two of his sayings and they became my turbines: "Nature knows" and "Be a realist".  I allowed these two thoughts to devour my flesh on outings, in silences, at recordings, in lavatories, while eating popcorn or ice cream.

Since childhood I had stored up enough material and now the mill was grinding it.  Entering the crescendo of the information age, news, gnosiology and information interact at a stunning rate.  The holy puzzle begins to manifest itself as the confluence brings its components to a red-hot state to achieve a synthesis, to close a cycle and perhaps to open a new one.  For me, despite all my questions and inhibitions, Osho was the Pole Star and the wind of liberation.  The definitive point after thousands of years.

He cannot have departed and left us high and dry and helpless in the face of the ultimate tempest.  Another saying of his played the role of a propeller inside of me, what he had said shortly before he left: "I have absolute trust in existence."

His vision was a vision of Mother Nature.  Of Creation.  Of God.  I realized this, day by day, purifying and cultivating the primordial light within me.

And behold then.  At the very moment I am writing this text, it is 98% confirmed that this is how things are.  And it is good that they are so.  I like them and I enjoy them despite the fact many times I spit my soul into the mud.

And let's say that what I've written so far was the appetizer.  Now we come to the main course.

We are all living on a certain planet with its geographies, astronomical interrelationships, events, histories, time-space behaviours, rules of the game, races, continents, genders, nations, occupations, individual egos, collective subconsciences, ozone layers with holes, icecaps that melt, periodic catharses.  And this is because the planet Earth is a living organism.  On the one hand, a detail in cosmological infinity.  On the other, however, infinitely significant for each and every one of us.  Every one of us, who is a unique entity coming from somewhere and on its way like a drop going to the ocean.

And so it came about, like I said at the beginning, that I was born on Crete, being conceived by my parents - thanks to Nature's mania for synthesis - during the Second World War and born a few weeks after Hiroshima, a red letter day, as was the day of Osho's enlightenment.

Hiroshima signalled the closing of the circle of blood of the house of Atreides as the enlightenment of Osho signalled the beginning of a new world.  And this is the point where I allow the word utopia to enter.

Osho used this word several times, saying: "I am accused of being a Utopian."  He was, however, particularly aware that while he taught the ultimate significance of Silence, he also comprehended the meaning of History - he mentioned the word epos many times - which was for him an existent canvas, like raw marble for a sculptor.

The synthesis for which he strove with all his being was without precedent, despite the fact that this wonderful synthesis has occurred in the past.  In the depths of History.  He stressed that this occurs for the first time because the past is of no use anymore, that insufferable, beloved past.  Here, then, is a fine point, which I want to illuminate since I feel that the timing is right for it to happen.

I would like to emphasise - and I establish the case with facts - that the synthesis of rationalism and transcendence (which are anyway contained in the cosmic essence), of the material and spiritual world, existed - as a climactic moment - but at specific periods of time and specific geographical locations, one of which is Crete.

Those who launch the word "Utopia" like Greek Fire against those who dream, speak and act on behalf of a society without barbarism, without wars, without the absolute obscenity and, especially in our days, without the threat of a conclusive catastrophe of our beloved planet, those people distort the historical facts.

Since there has existed, albeit once, a harmonious, peaceful, wealthy and strong society with happy citizens and the dolphin, not the lion, hawk, or crocodile as its "coat of arms", it is possible for it to exist once more at a higher level.  Ouspensky is quite specific when he states that there have been cultures superior to the current one.  And it was not without reason that his teacher Gurdjieff made the journey to and remained for a considerable length of time at the Great Pyramid, which the ancient Greeks called "the miracle of miracles", the creation of a culture - and not the static tomb of a ruler intolerant of other beliefs - insurmountable and admirable, which suffered the blows of many purges of the planet, among which were four cataclysms which almost eradicated it.  And they remained scattered, remarkable monuments: the pyramids of Egypt, Mexico, China, the Peloponnese; monuments to those lost in the cataclysms, but built as stone libraries with time charts, encrypted knowledge or wisdom so that mankind can rediscover the thread of Ariadne in the course of the repetitions of the cycle.

So, I too, for such and such a reason, went from Crete to the Great Pyramid on September 22 2001, because according to one theory, expressed wonderfully and lucidly by the American researcher Tom Valentine, on that specific day or night the esoteric time chart of the pyramid was to have run its course after 6,000 years.  This is why I went there, scaled it illegally by night, sang Cretan songs, gave thanks to the ancestors, so worthy of adoration and wise, for their heritage and wished mankind all the best.

On the other hand, according to several theories and approaches, the Great Pyramids were built by the Hyksos, who were the remnants of the large, coherent and extinct culture of Aigealia (of the Aegaean), which had its apex in Crete. According to many French, British and other investigators this was definitely the so-called "Lost Atlantis", a dreamlike socio-geographic experience, which, though lost, remains as a golden nostalgia, the golden age that feeds the passion and the ingredients for its reinstatement, for its repetition on a higher level.

Crete is where this supreme achievement was made real.  Crete nourished the sweet memory of Pangaea and founded the oracle at Delphi, the Olympic games and magical and specified cities in Japan, in China, in Rajahstan, all over the Mediterranean, in Ireland and in Amazonia.

Crete was, according to Homer, the land of the Makares, of the "blissful people".  The discussion about Atlantis, which we find in Plato's Timaeus, is, according to Michel de Grèce, a photographic depiction of Crete.  Free of fortifications, free of temples, enjoying an enviable good life, with woman held in high esteem and the spirit also held in high esteem.  The Minoan period came later along with the historical model and the descent of the Dorians to the island.  Recognised archaeology and historiography will not be long in accepting the existence of this magnificent culture under the pressure and proliferation of independent investigators and proofs as they become available and render the holy puzzle clearer.

The Synthesis, which Osho re-embodied twenty-five centuries after Pythagoras, did exist.  It was being destroyed for certain reasons, which existence knows.  It created the two hemispheres: that of western extroversion and eastern introversion.  The planet, however, is an integral whole, round and dear, like a football or basketball.  Let's re-illuminate, then, with the light of historiography and archaeology the slogan: Yes to yes and yes to no.

Yes to wholeness because only in wholeness can we find what is Holy, what is divine.

And we are reliving the totality.  And we have the experience and the qualifications to take a more pleasant and honest inventory of the elements and dare another attempt at the Holy Puzzle.

I doubt if even Nirvana, the grandmother of Utopia, is absolved from the shiver, the relation and interdependence with matter, because as Heraclitus and all the pre-Socratic philosophers said: the Cosmos is one.  Osho proved it once again.  We have the responsibility, the weight and the grace to rescue, to cure and to be happy with it, embodying the "ζειν, ευ ζειν, γνωθι σεαυτον" ("life, the good life, know thyself") of the ancient Greeks.

The new thing that Osho was talking about was that which is oldest, unaltered, timeless, immortal; that which gives meaning to the individual parts and the scattered elements in the dark. .

That's how it is.  If you knock, it will open.  You will discover, it will disclose itself.

But what if, Heaven forbid, the planet has decided for whatever reason to obliterate itself?  Let's investigate this scenario too.  Surely the recyclings will be interpreted using mathematical and sociological terms.

Under the condition that we deepen our self-observation.  In our meditation.  From there and beyond, we will find the golden mean of the planet, the centrifugal and centripetal element of the confluence and we will regenerate anthropocentrism.

Without the presence of Osho I could never have made these thoughts, this small investigation in distilling the pureblooded certainty that the antidote is here and now.  What is dramatically interesting is that the same people who pursued Osho are the same ones who are distorting or suppressing the historical data that vindicate Osho.  Whether they understand that the planet may be lost and they along with it or whether they believe that somehow the will be the only ones to escape, that is another chapter which is to follow, full of content, suspense, and existent reality.