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Manolis Rassoulis is a Cretan of Greek nationality.  Famous in Greece as a songwriter, singer, writer and journalist (22 CDs, 8 books and a magazine: "Το Αυγο" ("The Egg")), with hundreds of newspaper articles, radio broadcasts, television interviews and specials, he has been described as the most significant Greek lyricist of the last two decades. 

Known for his original and independent ideas, he has bridged the most authentic, profound and popular elements of the Greek culture with the most wholesome universal currents, thus igniting an ideological revolution, something which has not pleased establishments of all forms.  For decades, he has been consistent in his fundamental idea that Greece, both by nature and location, must turn toward civilization (and not, catastrophically, toward militarism) in order to play an innovative role in the world forum instead of bringing up the rear, as is currently the case. 

Since March 6 2000 he has been living in his adopted homeland, Spain.  Nevertheless, as he himself expresses it: "My conscience is my homeland." 

Soon these web-pages will have a full biography and summary both of his work as well as his ideas.  It will also be possible to communicate with him.